12/01/2019 The project is closing. Unfortunately, I can no longer deal with this project.

13 years ago, I released my first addition to Trainz. For the next 7 years, I released free add-ons, for the next 6 years, my new models were available commercially. Now is the time to complete my career in this direction. I regret that I could not complete some of the announced projects, but I hope that over these 13 years I was able to bring some benefit and contributed to the development of the game.

Downloading models will still be available until 12/31/2019, after which the site will be closed.

2018.03.03 Added new video Polonco №70139

2018.27.02 Add source 3d model locomotive BR232

2017.02.11 In development Polonco №70139

2017.17.07 Created a new category Source 3d model